At Cody|Brock, we implement a three-tiered safety structure to ensure the well-being and safety of our employees. Our comprehensive safety program, executed by a Safety Director, Safety Manager, and Safety Coordinator, features:
+ New hire orientation and on-boarding
+ Weekly job-site safety visits
+ Safety meetings with subcontractors and in pre-con meetings
+ Executive safety meetings
+ Safety Audits, Investigations, Corrections, and Record Keeping to ensure OSHA compliance
+ Supplemental training and OSHA certification courses
+ Continuous improvement of safety program and procedure development
+ Return to work management for employees

We establish a culture of safety with every employee beginning their first day on the job and provide the latest safety equipment to protect our team members.


Jobsite safety is always our number one priority, but even more so during the current COVID-19 crisis. All jobsites have an established COVID-19 protocol, which includes instructions for recognizing COVID-19 symptoms, disinfecting equipment, and following CDC social distancing guidelines. Our Site Safety Requirements for Prevention and Mitigation of COVID-19 can be found here.


InFocus partners with Cody|Brock to provide worker health safety and regulatory compliance by:
+ Implementing an Infectious Illness and Preparedness Response Plan
Click Here To Learn More About The Response Plan
+ Providing industrial hygienists trained to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and recommend controls to ensure the health and well-being of jobsite workers
+ Ensuring compliance with OSHA guidelines and requirements
+ Establishing and enforcing protocols to control jobsite conditions
+ Employing work practice controls and other methods to anticipate and address potential health hazards

On-Site Health & Safety partners with Cody|Brock to provide:
+ 24-hour mobile first aid response
+ Prompt, highly trained on-site field technicians to handle every medical need from respirator fit tests to non-life-threatening injuries
+ Completed protocol and compliance paperwork

Silicon Valley Demolition partners with Cody|Brock to provide any necessary COVID-19 Emergency Decontamination Services with:
+ Trained people, equipment, and expertise to safely and effectively implement decontamination measures necessary to combat the spread of COVID-19
+ 24-Hour Emergency Response
+ Contaminated/infected site cleanup using state-of-the-artwork practices that exceed the requirements of the CDC, WHO, and OSHA
+ Infectious waste handling and disposal
+ Certified personnel trained in CDC cleaning regulations