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Ground-Up/Renovation Projects

2730 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park

Hamilton Renovation

2730 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park
Client: Ford Land Company
Project Summary: Renovation of 9,100 square-foot exterior areas. Courtyard renovation includes contemporary paver walkways, modernized patios, an expansive metal trellis, revamped planter boxes, and comfortable wood bench seating at the building entrance and upper terrace.

The lower courtyard, accessed by a new concrete staircase, features a combination of concrete and paver patios for outdoor seating. The project includes the addition of retaining walls, as well as landscape and pathway lighting.
Architect: Jay Adams Design

2700-3000 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park

Hamilton Renovation

2700-3000 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park
Client: Ford Land Company
Project Summary: Demolition of existing planter walls, pillars, and tile. Installation of four redesigned concrete landscape walls at property entrances. Fabrication and installation of distinctive rust patina corten address and directional monument signs.
Architect: PGAdesign

Shell Renovation

Hamilton Renovation

Downtown Menlo Park
Size: 7,500 square feet
Project Summary: This two-story shell renovation included demo of the majority of the existing shell, then substantial retrofitting of the steel structural framing components. In order to maintain some of the existing wood frame structure, this extremely technical project required temporary supports and all new footings. Cody|Brock incorporated an intricate new fire sprinkler system to maximize ceiling height, along with all new HVAC and MEP systems. An elevator was installed to facilitate access.

Façade improvements included cypress tongue & groove wood cladding and corrugated metal panels. Second floor solar screens made from cypress wood and steel were added for privacy and to minimize sun and heat. The electrical panel is gracefully hidden behind a wood blind door to maintain the natural look of the exterior.

Architect: Walker|Warner Architects

Interior Renovation – GRAIL

Hamilton Renovation

1525 O’Brien Drive, Menlo Park
Client: GRAIL
Size: 73,600 square-foot, two-story building renovation completed in two phases
Project Summary:
Phase 1: 18,300 square-foot first floor interior renovation, including a “Themed Community” bullpen area designed in New Orleans style with planters and vines training up the wall and a coffee/snack bar; an 8,400 square-foot bio-med lab; and an extensive data processing center.
Phase 2: 55,300 square-foot renovation of the remainder of the first floor and the entire second floor. Some unique elements include:

  • Expanded two-story, atrium-style lobby with reclaimed white oak wood paneled accent wall at reception area, featuring a steel stairwell with cable rails and matching reclaimed wood-based settee, and accented with Moon Scraplight White Pendant Lights hung at varying levels and epoxy coated concrete floor.
  • Four additional “Themed Communities” with work stations, including one titled Sportland, decorated with skis, snowboards, beach towels with sand toys, beach chair and umbrella, four-man tent with camping equipment, etc.
  • “All Hands Room” featuring ceiling-mounted projectors with multiple large screens for presentations, full-length café wall for coffee/snack bar with designer tile backsplash in colors to match accent walls, alcove of commercial beverage refrigerators, remembrance wall highlighted with wood blocks for displaying photos of those affected by cancer, exposed open truss ceiling with a sound absorbing acoustical fabric, and surround sound speakers.
  • Game Room with ping pong table and pin ball machine, opening to outdoor seating area of nearby café.
  • Private offices, conference rooms, and huddle rooms, each highlighted with bold accent walls.
  • Additional 10,000 square-foot bio-med lab.
  • Warehouse/storage/shipping and receiving area at back of building.

Architect: DES Architects

Façade Renovation and Exterior Improvements
Hamilton Renovation

4062 Fabian Way, Palo Alto
Client: S.F. Property Management, LLC
Size: 21,000 square feet
Project Summary: Façade remodel including new storefront glass and ACM panels with Coronado Black Forest tile trim. The voluntary seismic upgrade features a new roof structure with steel interior columns, moment frames, and wood glulam and purlin, creating a visually appealing exposed beam interior. Renovation also includes electrical upgrades, new HVAC and fire sprinkler systems, a roof screen, and solar panels, as well as new restroom cores and a trash enclosure. A new driveway approach, with repaved and restriped parking lot, is accented with a combination of drought-resistant landscaping.
Architect: Dennis Kobza & Associates, Inc.
Façade Renovation and Interior Upgrade
Hamilton Renovation

3601 Haven Avenue, Menlo Park
Client: PSAI Realty Partners
Size: 19,000 square feet
Project Summary: Complete exterior façade renovation, including new windows, a contemporary glass-paneled roll-up door, ACM paneling, and a standing seam roof. Updated landscaping and lighting complete the exterior finishes. The interior upgrade features modern linear lighting, polished concrete floors, and two new restroom cores. The space is highlighted by exposed wood beam and white cap sheet ceilings throughout. The new HVAC and electrical systems are designed so that the building can be divided into two individual spaces, creating the versatility to accommodate two separate tenants if desired.
Architect: Architectural Technologies
Façade Renovation and Interior Upgrade
Hamilton Renovation

3760 Haven Avenue, Menlo Park
Client: Cailean Sherman
Project Summary: Complete façade upgrade of a 15,000 square-foot building, including removal of a portion of the second level and installation of a pop-up roof, creating a two-story atrium entry. Installed walls of 10’ x 6’ windows, elevator, and new staircase. Interior demo included MEP upgrades, installation of 14 new HVAC units and a new fire sprinkler system, new ADA compliant bathrooms, and a new kitchen/employee lounge area.
Architect: The Hagman Group
Historic Renovation – 261 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto
Hamilton Renovation

261 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto
Client: Hamilton Ramona Partners, LLC
Project Summary: Circa 1927 ~ Historic renovation of an existing 40,000 square-foot, four-story, Class A office building. The modernization included new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, ADA upgrades, and voluntary seismic upgrades. The restoration also included the original wrought iron balconies and exterior plaster finish, refurbishing and restoring the exterior tile wainscoting, and preserving the historic tile and storefronts in order to maintain the original designer’s Spanish Colonial Architecture style. Additional tenant improvement work involved four floors of approximately 36,000 square feet.
Type: Historic Renovation
Architect: Cody Wasney Anderson Architects
Original Architect: Birge Clark Architectural Works, 1927
Exterior Facade Renovation
Exterior Renovation

400 First Avenue, San Mateo
Client: Mark Roberts
Project Summary: Facade remodel of existing 9,000 square-foot, single-story building, including seismic and ADA upgrades, installation of new roof top mechanical units and fire suppression system. Created sleek new entrances with custom-built, dual-purpose planter boxes to house new fire system. Exterior focal points include a full-length, Trex trim overhang and new aluminum and glass sectional overhead door.
Architect: AP+I Design
Fashion Island Outdoor Plaza
Fashion Island

1400 and 1450 Fashion Island Blvd., San Mateo
Client: Harvest Properties
Project Summary: Renovation of 13,000 square-foot, outdoor plaza connecting two Class A mid-rise towers. New, identical ADA-compliant ramps bordering center steps. Alternating pattern of rectangular, two-tone pavers, irrigation system, and various planters. Two large shade canopies. Series of Gabion Walls filled with La Paz rocks for aesthetically designed wind barriers.
Architect: LPA, Inc.
930 Emerson Street, Palo Alto

930 Emerson Street, Palo Alto, CA
Client: Emerson High, LLC
Project Summary: Part 1 – Renovation of existing 4,900 square foot building. Demolished interior and partial exterior. Renovated building façade, including canopy and roof screen. Part 2 – Ground-up construction of detached 770 square foot, three-level (two above ground, one below ground) parking structure. Oversaw installation of hydraulic vehicle stacking system, imported from industry leader Klaus Multiparking, Germany. The system has an 11-car capacity, electric sliding doors, and a computerized, keyless entry.
Type: Part 1: Renovation. Part 2: Ground-up.
Architect: Hayes Group Architects
University Art Building

2550 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA
Client: University Art
Size: 11,000 square-foot, one-story retail building with interior improvements
Type: Ground-up
Architect: The Hagman Group, Inc.
mSpot (Subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)

435 Portage Ave., Palo Alto, CA
Client: Tarlton Properties
Size: 10,000 square foot complete renovation of metal building structure. Raised building 15 feet to second story level with new 15,000 square foot parking structure beneath.
Type: Complete tenant improvement for mobile technology/music licensing business
Architect: FGY Architects

Coleman Landings, San Jose, CA
Client: Hunter Properties
Size: 16,000 square foot build-to-suit ground-up shell building and tenant improvement
Type: Retail shell building
Architect: The Hagman Group, Inc.
Coldwell Banker Burlingame

1427 Chapin Road, Burlingame, CA
Client: Olympian Properties
Size: 11,300 square foot renovation of historic brick building with new two-story addition
Type: Concrete slab on grade, architectural concrete walls, decorative steel, brick façade, steel and wood frame, aluminum and steel windows
Architect: Essalat Architects
Palo Alto Weekly Building
Palo Alto Weekly Project Image

450 Cambridge Ave., Palo Alto, CA
Client: Premier Properties
Size: 8,950 square foot LEED Gold Certified three-story office
Type: Concrete slab on grade, steel frame, stucco exterior, aluminum windows
Architect: The Hagman Group, Inc
AT&T Building
AT&T Building Project

Address: 2805 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA
Client: Ehikian Properties
Size: 6,900 square foot single story retail
Type: steel and wood frame, aluminum windows, stucco exterior
Architect: Hoover Associates
  Address: 2825 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA
Client: Morris Associates
Size: 13,575 square foot three-story class A mixed-use retail, office and residential
Type: Steel frame, stone and stucco exterior, aluminum windows
Architect: The Hagman Group, Inc.
Tayeri Medical Office Building
Tayeri Building Project

1805 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA
Client: Dr. Thomas Tayeri
Size: 13,150 square foot three-story mixed-use commercial building with penthouse apartments
Type: Concrete slab on grade, block, steel and wood frame, stucco exterior, aluminum windows
Architect: Hayes Group Architects
Newman Medical Office Building
Dr. Newman Building

1795 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA
Client: Dr. James Newman
Size: 12,280 square foot three-story mixed-use office, retail, and residential
Type: Concrete slab on grade, steel and wood frame, stucco exterior, aluminum windows
Architect: The Hagman Group, Inc.
Millbrae Car Wash
Millbrae Car Wash Project Image

310 Adrian Road, Millbrae, CA
Client: Brodersen Enterprises, Inc.
Size: 4,000 square foot two-tunnel, fully automated retail car wash facility
Type: Block and steel structure, aluminum clad exterior
Architect: RHL Design Group, Inc.
Whipple Avenue Retail
Whipple Avenue Project

490 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA
Client: Hunter/Storm, LLC
Size: 9,900 square foot commercial retail shell building
Type: Concrete slab on grade, wood frame, wood siding, aluminum storefront
Architect: The Hagman Group, Inc.





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