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Cody|Brock brings industry experts Reza Zare, Partner, and Mark Fisher, P.E., LEED AP, at Alfatech to explore sustainable design concepts and strategies with interns and new employees

August 17, 2016

In the final Lunch n’ Learn event of the summer, Cody|Brock interns and new hires sat down with Reza Zare and Mark Fisher to learn how Alfatech takes a Sustainable Design Approach to projects with the goal of reducing energy consumption by designing systems with the largest energy savings at the smallest cost. The team learned about sustainable systems in regards to MEP – Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing.

Mechanical design has a number of “green” or sustainable options, such as Cooling Towers, Chilled Beam Technology, various types and sizes of HVAC systems, In-Row Cooling Technology for mechanical/computer rooms where the air conditioning system cooling unit is placed between the server cabinets to provide cool air to the server equipment more effectively, Boilers, Pumps, and Exhaust Fans with a specific sequence of operations depending on the type and size.

The team also learned about sustainable options for Electrical systems, including Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or Co-gen, LED lighting systems, which use lighting to enhance architectural features, and networked lighting systems with energy monitoring.

Finally, the team explored sustainable options for Plumbing systems, including reclaimed water systems, which use gray and black water treatment processes, and central hot water systems with solar backup.



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