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On-the-job Training from the Industrial Emergency Council

June 13 & June 20, 2018

As part of our continuing education program, Cody|Brock offers annual CPR/AED/First Aid training for all employees. This summer, the two-part class was attended by 18 Cody|Brock employees, including project managers, project engineers, administrative staff, superintendents, and members of our manpower team. As an added bonus, Cody|Brock also provided dinner with each session, one night catered by our in-house chef Eddie Vargas.

This year’s training was administered by the Industrial Emergency Council with instructors Steve and Karen Trolan, both of whom have a very personal experience with emergency response, having survived a small plane crash. Karen, a paraplegic, has adapted her lifestyle to continue almost everything she used to do prior to the accident, including ski patrol search and rescue, EMT instruction, riding horses and ATVs, and water skiing. Steve also contributed insights from his experience in the U.S. Army Special Forces.

The course focused on the crucial theme for any emergency situation, the mnemonic device SETUP: Setup (Pause to identify hazards), Environment (Consider your surroundings), Traffic (Be careful along roadways, Unknown Hazards (Consider things not apparent), Personal Safety (Use protective barriers).



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