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Learning to Use PlanGrid’s Key Features for More Effective Project Management

June 29, 2016

According to Cody|Brock employees, PlanGrid is a robust tool that enhances the project management process, facilitates document control, and induces teamwork. PlanGrid enables everyone involved in the project to keep updated by showing all of the changes via a single platform and facilitates immediate action on pending issues. Some key features include the overlaying of drawings, which allows you to see the changes that come with newer drawings; sharing of text annotations, which allows you to annotate a drawing, attach photos to that annotation, and send that as a PDF to different people straight from the app; and issue tracking, which lets you see which issues are open, pending, or closed.

IT specialist Steve Fox noted that Cody|Brock will be looking into ways to customize the program for our own company, such as using specific color code options. New options rolling out this summer, like customizable field reports, will also be extremely beneficial.


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