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1430 and 1440 O’Brien Drive, Menlo Park

September 14, 2017

After completing a high-end interior renovation at 1525 O’Brien Drive to create the GRAIL headquarters, Cody|Brock is currently working on another major shell renovation and tenant improvement for Tarlton Properties and architect DES Architects|Engineers.

This shell renovation involves removing a portion of the existing building to create two separate structures. Each of the buildings will require new cement plaster exterior walls; new entries, exteriors, and sectional doors; new window systems; new exterior metal panel rainscreens at building entrances; and new MEP and fire sprinkler systems.

At 1430 O’Brien Drive, the 25,650-square-foot project includes the creation of a new second floor with stairs, elevator, and restroom cores, ultimately finished into market-ready suites. 

At 1440 O’Brien Drive, the 58,350-square-foot project entails the creation of new second floor, also with stairs, elevator, and restroom cores, finished into market-ready suites, but this new space will also incorporate a full gym, café, and event center.

Additional features of the project include a dual-lane fitness pool located between the two buildings and an exterior steel staircase leading to a rooftop deck and lounge area.


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