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Pella Windows Leads Final Cody|Brock Lunch ‘N’ Learn of Summer 2018

August 8, 2018

As part of Cody|Brock’s summer education series, Pella Windows representatives Bill Hollywood and Justin Kemp outlined how Pella Windows partners with companies to create the best solutions for each project. Over a dozen Cody|Brock team members, including Project Engineers, Project Managers, Superintendents, and interns, attended the session and enjoyed a catered lunch.

The 36-slide power point presentation provided an overview of the Pella Window and Door Systems, comprised of Wood, Aluminum-clad wood, Fiberglass, and Vinyl. These windows satisfy a wide range of commercial applications, such as offices, retail, restaurants, and hospitals, among others. Pella offers design solutions for every type of opening, such as punch openings, storefronts, ribbon applications, and window walls, while also providing custom features, such as between-the-glass grills and shades, interior finishes, and hardware. A leader in sustainability, Pella recycles everything at the factory, including all waste wood, aluminum, glass, and even sawdust.

Pella provides Architectural Support Services, where they can assist in the Design and Construction Process from the initial planning and schematic design through to post-construction. They also assist with value engineering. In addition, Pella boasts an extensive Product Performance Evaluation system, testing windows seven times before publishing performance ratings.

Named after the main factory location in Pella, Iowa, Pella Windows has a local distribution center in Hayward and a showroom and office in San Carlos. The company prides itself on being an engineering company and partner to help companies determine the best solutions for a particular project.



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