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Appreciating The Impressive Creativity of our Local Community’s Metal Magicians

August 17, 2018

Continuing its program of summer educational excursions, Cody|Brock took interns, new hires, and project assistants to Handcrafted Metals Inc. in San Carlos to learn about custom metal fabrication from our neighborhood specialists. Established in 2002, Handcrafted Metals has grown into one of the largest firms of their type in the Bay Area.

Owner Kurt Smith displayed his company’s full gamut of custom-built products, ranging from simple fireplace screens and kitchen hoods, to complex electronic driveway gates and hydraulically-adjustable railings, to impressive ornamental ironwork, to a myriad of unique customer-specified requests. Handcrafted Metals works with a wide range of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, zinc, glass, stainless cables, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze. Commercial projects focus on structural steel elements, including a simple bucket, moment frames, columns, beams, tube rafters, and earthquake retrofits, gates and fences, interior and exterior railings, and entry doors. By performing all of their own installations, Handcrafted Metals ensures that their work appears and performs exactly as expected, blending with existing surroundings and enhancing its environment as a whole.

In addition to a full range of metalworking equipment, the Handcrafted Metals space features a high-capacity paint booth, offices, and customer showroom. The main section of the shop houses a crane which can carry up to 40,000 pounds of steel. Workbenches within the shop are color-coded with full sets of tools to facilitate end-of-day cleanup and organization. The building also boasts a surround sound speaker system and large projector screen for music and sporting events.

After the highly informative fieldtrip, Cody|Brock team members were treated to lunch from everyone’s favorite In-N-Out Burger for a fun Friday treat!


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