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New Recruitment Destination – Boise State University

November 2–3, 2017

For the first time, Cody|Brock traveled to Boise, Idaho, to present at Boise State’s Information Session. Vice President and Senior Project Manager Casey Vermette gave a detailed PowerPoint presentation featuring many of Cody|Brock’s current projects and providing insights into the company’s history, philosophy, and culture. Students appreciated the wide range of projects, highlighted with detailed before and after photos, as well as the distinctive Silicon Valley tech-inspired interiors and tenant improvements.

The Info Session was followed by interviews with potential team members for both current and future positions within Cody|Brock, emphasizing the company’s “home-grown” philosophy of bringing in qualified, passionate candidates and providing them with the hands-on experience and knowledge to advance their careers within the company. One student has already signed on to be an intern this summer.

Cody|Brock team members have engaged with faculty and students from Boise State’s Construction Management program at the annual ASC even in Reno, Nevada, and have been very impressed with the program and presentations given by students.




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